The Future of Medicine with Dr. Rakesh Suri [Limitless MD, Episode 105]

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Vision, challenges, and relationships. This framework has helped my guest, Dr. Rakesh Suri, guide his life. Dr. Rakesh Suri is a fascinating gentleman. He is a friend, a colleague, and an inspiration to me. A renaissance man, he is a physician, a thought leader, an innovator, a researcher, and a business executive. 

Having performed almost 7,000 surgical procedures as a cardiothoracic surgeon, now he’s heading one of the most innovative ventures I have come across. The name of this new project is Fountain Life. He has partnered with incredible people such as Tony Robbins to bring biohacking and human optimization to the general public. 

These are some of the topics covered in the episode:   

  • Lessons Dr. Rakesh Suri learned from his immigrant parents      
  • Favorite moments as a physician
  • Creation of Fountain Life
  • Lifespan vs. healthspan 
  • How to get involved with Fountain Life

Some physicians will help you be proactive and predict diseases vs. just managing problems that have already arisen. This is the kind of movement that we need. People like Dr. Rakesh Suri are disrupting insurance and healthcare and really democratizing health and lifespan for everyone. So get involved if you can. And keep being phenomenal. 

I often tell my children, and those who will listen, that medicine is a fantastic platform. Unlike any other profession, really, because you can be a physician and be so many other things – A researcher, a hard-core clinician, an innovator, a CEO, an entrepreneur.” – Dr. Rakesh Suri 

In This Episode:
00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

02:12 Lessons Dr. Rakesh Suri learned from his immigrant parents     

04:30 Favorite moments as a physician           

09:07 Dr. Rakesh Suri’s work as CEO and President of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi    

10:01 Creation of Fountain Life 

17:31 Characteristics that will make Fountain Life successful   

25:08 Fountain Life was created for a variety of different people  

30:40 How to get involved with Fountain Life  

31:22 Fountain Life offers insurance for companies 

Resources Mentioned:
– Fountain Life – 


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