How to Invest in Real Estate As a Doctor with Dr. Cherry Chen [Limitless MD, Episode 69]


In this episode of Limitless MD, Vikram Raya welcomes Dr. Cherry Chen, a very curious and studious physician who became an expert in real estate. Both Vikram and Cherry believe in the importance of studying, educating yourself, and then sharing the knowledge with people who also want to invest in real estate while working as doctors. Shifting your mindset to become limitless and also being generous are two key codes for achieving wealth and success.    

Cherry is not only a physician serving patients in multiple cities across the country, but currently, she is also serving doctors by providing solutions to grow income and wealth with her company, The Real Estate Physician. She started the company to empower physician colleagues to invest in real estate so they could grow their wealth. Cherry started investing in real estate while working as a doctor to have more time and freedom to do whatever she wanted to do. And now she helps others to live purposeful lives inside and outside the clinic. 

By helping hundreds of doctors put their money to work, The Real Estate Physician has become a leader in the real estate investment environment. Cherry and her partner Alex Luu provide guidance, education and support in order for the investors to make smart moves with their money. Before sharing upcoming investment opportunities, they carefully select and verify their partners. Most importantly, they believe in working together, which means they offer resources for free so physicians can learn more about real estate investing with a trusted source.   

“[In real estate] I was using the exact same skill set that I was using as a physician – helping you understand a new topic where it may sound very confusing.” 

– Dr. Cherry Chen

In This Episode:
00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

00:07 Introducing Dr. Cherry Chen 

2:21 Investing in real estate while being a doctor  

4:44 The goal of putting your money to work for you

6:37 Cherry’s first steps in real estate investing

8:53 Best resource for someone wanting to learn more about real estate 

9:37 Changing your mindset and frameworks is essential to understanding investing

11:05 Spectrum of different doctors investing in real estate

13:19 Origin story of the company The Real Estate Physician  

16:23 Cherry did a two-year fellowship program in multi-family real estate 

17:33 The transition from medicine to being a real estate educator  

19:46 Mindset needed for solving problems 

21:19 Books that Cherry is reading now

23:57 Outro

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