How to Spark Change and Never Look Back With Rusty Osborne [Limitless MD, Episode 172]


Sometimes, you just need to experience an “aha moment” that sparks real and permanent change through relentless self-questioning. Only then will you be able to raise your standards to non-negotiable levels, and optimize your life like the high performers.


On today’s show, we have Rusty Osborne, a former musician living an unhealthy lifestyle before completely transforming his life.


Rusty shares his raw and real origin story, from playing bars 21 nights in a row and being obese and drunk to having his aha moment that sparked his change.


We also discuss the 5 energy gaps Rusty works to close daily for high performance. He shares specific tactics for closing those gaps and changing your environment for success.


This episode of The Limitless MD will give you the insight and motivation to transform your life through Rusty’s incredible journey from the bottom to the top. Join us! 


For more on this, watch the full episode here or listen here.