Human Optimization 101 With Dr. Doug Lucas [Limitless MD, Episode 57]


This week we are all about optimizing our health. Vikram Raya speaks with board-certified orthopedic surgeon and CEO of Optimal Human Health about leaving his role as a physician treating individuals with foot and ankle issues, to helping those prevent and reverse chronic disease before they get to him. In this episode, they cover the four layers of the pyramid of optimal human health, nutrition, supplementation and peptides. If you are unhappy in your role this is not one to miss!

“When your ‘shoulds’ finally become ‘musts’ is when you have the trigger to take that massive action and really burn the boats, if you will, and claim the island.” 

– Vikram Raya

In This Episode:

00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

01:56 Introduce Dr. Doug Lucas

02:55 How Dr. Doug Lucas went from being an orthopedic surgeon to doing what he is doing now

03:55 How fear was a big fear when making the huge shift from a well-paid career to going out on his own

04:40 Advice for anyone who is unhappy in their role

06:20 The better path is to put your passion into what you are already doing

07:05 Advice to physicians who are thinking about something else

07:53 The importance of getting the right coach and a clear plan

08:58 How long Dr. Doug Lucas has been the CEO and founder of Optimum Human Health

09:32 Dr. Doug Lucas’s top three fumbles

11:05 Dr. Doug Lucas’s advice to those who want to do it right

12:10 How physicians tend to be very structured

12:43 Dr. Doug Lucas’s mission and vision for Optimal Human Health

15:05 Separating the fact from the fiction

16:46 The four layers of the pyramid for optimal human health

20:07 We are in an epidemic of low testosterone

21:30 The impact of having low testosterone levels and progesterone levels in women

23:05 Dr. Doug Lucas talks about peptides: what they are and why they are powerful

26:05 Two thought leaders in the field of human optimization and biohacking

26:45 What’s next for Dr. Doug Lucas?

28:05 The business model

29:51 Special promotion for Limitless MD listeners

30:57 Outro


Resources mentioned:

– ‘Life Force’ by Tony Robbins –

– Ben Greenfield –

– Dave Asprey –



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