Influence by Robert B. Cialdini

The Psychology of Persuasion

“Influence” (1984) delves into the intricate mechanisms of persuasion, offering a comprehensive exploration of its foundational principles. How do individuals sway others to say yes? And conversely, how are we influenced to acquiesce? From the wiles of slick salespersons to the cunning strategies of marketing mavens and crafty confidence tricksters, this book unveils the psychology behind their techniques. Through these insights, readers can unlock their own persuasive potential while safeguarding against manipulative tactics.

About The Author:

Robert B. Cialdini, PhD, brings decades of expertise as a Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University, with notable stints as a visiting professor at Stanford University and the University of California at Santa Cruz. Grounded in 35 years of empirical research, "Influence" reflects Dr. Cialdini's dedication to unraveling the dynamics of influence, manipulation, and persuasion. He extends his impact through a consultancy focused on fostering ethical business practices based on his findings.

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