Limitless MD 2024 January Retreat

After participating in the coaching program, Ann Tsung achieved remarkable success. She built a six-figure coaching business for physician entrepreneurs, optimized her real estate investments, secured a short-term rental for tax benefits, and enhanced her personal and professional relationships. Her accomplishments underscore the transformative impact of focused guidance and strategic action.

Ann Tsung

Transformational Challenge Winner

At the event, Craig Ballantyne, a renowned guest speaker, shared his impressive credentials. With a track record of building five 7-figure businesses across diverse industries, authoring three books (including a Wall Street Journal best-seller), and mentoring countless entrepreneurs globally, Craig has made a significant impact. His mentorship spans from 9-figure CEOs and industry leaders to busy fathers and high school teachers, demonstrating his versatility and effectiveness in guiding individuals from all walks of life.

Craig Ballantyne​

Guest Speaker