Mediocre MDs vs Limitless MDs with Ankeet Udani MD [Limitless MD, Episode 102]

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There’s a Holy Grail for all of us. Mine was becoming a cardiologist. Before going to medical school, I thought that once I achieved that goal, the sky would part, the sun would shine on my face, and angels would sing. I felt that life was going to be amazing. And when I achieved that goal, it was not as shiny as I expected it to be. I devoted all my energy to my work, but being only a physician had limitations in terms of money and time. 

Since I didn’t want to become a mediocre MD, I decided to become limitless. To do it, I started making explorations outside the field of medicine. And my guest today did the same thing. He is doctor Ankeet Udani, an anesthesiologist that works at Duke University. Intelligent, well-rounded, and successful are some of the adjectives that apply to him. 

These are some of the topics covered in the episode:   

  • How to break through the scarcity mindset  
  • Steps to follow to start becoming limitless 
  • How to work on yourself when you think you don’t have time to do it 
  • Strategies and advice for doctors who crave growth 
  • Why self-investment is the best investment

I brought Ankeet to the podcast because he is crushing it in all aspects of life. I wanted to pick his brain on how he turned up the volume to transition from being an excellent physician to a Limitless MD. Listen up to find the answer and a detailed how-to. 

The biggest step is admitting that your calendar is full, but you need to create time for yourself and for your self-investment. That’s your first step. You need to prime yourself to be ready to explode.” – Ankeet Udani MD

In This Episode:
00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

02:06 How to break through the scarcity mindset and go into an abundance mindset      

04:06 Steps to follow to start becoming limitless         

05:28 What happens when you reach your limit as a physician    

06:55 How to work on yourself, your mindset, and on creating wealth 

09:11 Strategies and advice for doctors who crave growth   

11:44 Why self-investment is the best investment you can make 

13:25 People will notice your transformation 

14:35 Books are a great tool for learning  

15:44 Creating an abundance loop 

16:56 Recommendations to keep learning and improving your life

Resources Mentioned:

Book “The Perfect Week Formula: Build Your Business Around Your Life, Not Your Life Around Your Business” by Craig Ballantyne


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