Personalized Medicine and Hacking your Genes with Joe Cohen [Limitless MD, Episode 36]


What if the secret key to unlocking your limitless potential lies within your genetic code? Success would become a walk in the park if you get the decoding right. Fortunately, Joe Cohen spearheaded a super tool that allows an individual to self-decode. 

SelfDecode, as the tool is called, offers an extensive report on one’s genetic predispositions to arrive at a well-thought-out recommendation on how to optimize one’s health and overall performance. Through this technology, you will learn how your genetic code can be leveraged to help you realize your highest potential.

In this episode, Joe explores the capacity of this tool and how it works. This is his journey of going back to one’s best self, and a more in-depth understanding of how health is, indeed, wealth. Because if you are healthy, you have the energy to work hard, persist, and deliver. 

“If I can get healthy, the dividends that will be paid overtime will be huge. It’s the best investment I can make.”

– Joe Cohen



In This Episode:

00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

02:25 Find out what instigated Joe’s desire to take control of his health 

05:31 This is how Joe’s health has transformed after following someone else’s advice

09:11 Learn how to assess yourself and gain a better understanding of what your body needs

11:52 What inspired Joe to share the tool with others and not just keep it for himself

12:34 These are the 3 things that Joe did as a result of understanding how his DNA works…

17:10 A scalable platform is created to help people who are struggling with their health. Learn how much work and effort are invested into the creation of this product

18:23 Understand the process of SelfDecode from acquiring information to processing and leveraging this information to help others optimize their health

19:24 Discover this cutting edge technology that has 97% accuracy and is proven to work better than genotyping

24:47 This is the outcome generated after a genetic material is combined with lab tests  

31:10 Here’s a bold foresign on the future of medicine

33:19 Here’s how MDs can leverage the SelfDecode technology to amplify their practice

34:47 The SelfDecode technology is launching to a grander scale. This is how it can take you to the next level

40:18 Podcast Outro



Resources mentioned: 

– SelfDecode DNA Kit –




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