The Mortality Clock and 2 Billion Dollar Man with Joe Fairless [Limitless MD, Episode 24]


If you only have 24 hours to live, how will you spend it? So many of us make the mistake of thinking our days are not numbered so we don’t feel pressured into pursuing our best lives, sooner. Little did we know, time is either a friend or a foe, depending on how we make use of it. Joe Fairless knows this fact all too well, hence, he’s got his goals mapped up until he’s 90. Every day, he wakes up knowing exactly what to do, what dreams to pursue, and how to go about doing it. 

When the pursuit is over, do we also know how to be grateful and feel content? How do we find true fulfillment out of everything we have accomplished even when there are still things we are yet to achieve? These are valid questions you’ll come to ponder on and resolve as you go along this episode. Take all the best insights from our 2 Billion Dollar man and learn how they can be applied to your pursuit of not-so-elusive success.

“You find fulfillment after success by being intentional about the values that are important to you and then making decisions on how we spend our time based on those values.”

– Joe Fairless



In This Episode:

Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

01:41 There’s a kind of failure that triggers fear, and the kind of failure that propels you forward to success

03:33 Learn how to surpass the phase when you hit a plateau in your climb on the career ladder 

4:56 There is something deeper that is needed to achieve true fulfillment. Find out what it is…

06:01 Here’s a simple reason why you could be plateauing in your career or business 

06:39 Realize how the way you spend your time coincides with the values that you think are important in life

08:29 Learn how the countdown clock helps define how you spend your time and identify the 3 most important things to focus on

12:46 Find the balance between fulfilling full-time commitments and doing all the things you are interested in

15:27 Discover the superpower called “engage-disengaged” and the darker side of it

19:15 Here are the questions you need to ask to help you regain your focus and get back on track…

21:31 Hear what’s next for Joe Fairless and the “one thing” he can’t be swayed from pursuing no matter what 

23:28 When it comes to seeing through your highest level of success and sustaining it, long-term vision is key, and here’s why…

23:53 Listen to Joe’s advice to investors on how they can navigate the uncertainties that come with the changing time

26:41 This is the kind of impact that Joe wants to leave as his legacy to the world…

28:58 Podcast outro



Resources mentioned: 

– The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene –



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