The Power of Saying “No” [Limitless MD, Episode 82]


To become the best in the world at something – whatever your niche – takes razor-sharp focus. This means saying “no” to everything that can distract you from your goal. 

This podcast episode is about something very personal for me, something I’ve learned the hard way. I can tell you from my own experience that saying “yes” to the wrong things can lead you down some very expensive rabbit holes. By saying “no”, you can instead steer your precious energy towards the ‘yes’ that will lead you to success. 

Sometimes, saying “no” means turning down six-figure opportunities – so that you can focus on the seven-figure opportunities. As you move through your career and towards the life of your dreams, remember, your power lies in your clarity: focus, focus, focus. 

“Go weird before you go wide.” – Dr. Vikram Raya

In This Episode:
00:44 The more successful you get, the more you have to say “no”

02:58 A real world example of how saying “yes” to everything was an expensive mistake for my company, Viking Capital

03:45 The more niche you get, the easier it is to market yourself or your product

04:59 By focusing on one niche market, you can limit the competition

07:19 Complexity is the enemy of execution: keep it simple

08:33 In the first half of our life, we are in hustle mode; in the second half of our life, we need to get into flow mode

09:09 Avoid new projects until you reach ‘escape velocity’ with your current venture

Resources Mentioned:
The Power of Saying “No”

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