The Rubber Band Theory and How to Kill Negative Beliefs [Limitless MD, Episode 40]


The main idea behind the rubber band theory is simple: who’s setting the limit to our potential? The easier route is to look at the things around us and point fingers. In reality, these external conditions can only get the best of us if we allow them to. The force that’s dictating how far and wide the rubber can stretch is the hand that’s holding the rubber. 

There are two possible outcomes we can expect depending on the choice we make around the “rubber band” of our lives. We can choose to hold on to it, allow it to stretch at a certain limit, and wait until it snaps and hits us hard. We also have the choice to let go and allow the rubber to fly…and if we aim it right, it could hit the mark. 


“Every level has its own devil.”

– Vikram Raya



In This Episode:

00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

00:12 Examine the two parts of the rubber band theory and how they reflect the kind of mindset we choose to cultivate

01:32 Here are a few examples of the most common limiting beliefs we’ve set on ourselves

02:28 Instead of feeding on your limiting beliefs, here are the steps we should take instead 

04:47 This is the word Vikram urges us to use at the end of every limiting phrase we speak to ourselves

05:14 Find out what happens when you choose to let go of the rubber band

05:37 Eliminate your limiting beliefs through these foolproof techniques

07:21 Try this powerful mental training exercise and start seeing results, today

07:35 Podcast Outro




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