The Secret of Turning Bad Debt Into Wealth with The Prudent Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jordan Frey [Limitless MD, Episode 63]


This week on Limitless MD, Virkam Raya hosts Dr. Jordan Frey, the prudent plastic surgeon and investor who got himself out of $400,000 worth of debt to having $400,000 of net worth. In just 14 months, he made $60,000 through passive income. In this episode, Dr. Frey tells all about how he did it, the strategies he uses, and practically gives away valuable advice for physicians who are feeling stuck on the hamster wheel, wanting to find financial freedom.

“If you can hit your goals without doing the sexy stuff, stick with the basics, rinse and repeat.” 

– Vikram Raya

In This Episode:

00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

02:49 Dr. Frey’s origin story, being in debt and experiencing burnout

05:09 Learning about financial freedom and coming up with a personal finance plan

06:43 How thinking about money is what made him a better doctor and realizing he wasn’t the only one experiencing this

09:14 The impact that Dr. Frey is having on other physicians by sharing his progress

11:41 How much of your money should you be saving?

12:11 How investing seems risky, but it’s actually not

13:30 The top three steps that Dr. Frey recommends for a young attending

16:05 Advice for mid-career physicians

16:51 How Dr. Frey came across real estate and how he’s investing in it

19:01 Finding the time for investing

21:17 The top three investing mistakes that doctors make

23:12 Dr. Frey’s thoughts on crypto

24:23 Dr. Frey’s course, ‘Graduating To Success’

25:23 What’s next for Dr. Frey?

27:02 Outro

Resources mentioned:

‘The Millionaire Next Door’ by Stanley and Danko 

‘Graduating To Success’ 

‘Leaders Eat Last’ by Simon Sinek 



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