Traction by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares

A Start-Up Guide to Getting Customers

“Traction” (2014) reveals the pivotal role of customer acquisition in the success of every start-up, emphasizing that a strong customer base is just as crucial as a quality product. Weinberg and Mares offer battle-tested techniques for attracting customers and guide you in selecting the most effective strategies for each stage of your company’s growth. With the right amount of traction, you’ll not only capture but also cultivate the audience your product truly merits.

About The Author:

Gabriel Weinberg, the visionary behind the privacy-focused internet search engine DuckDuckGo, serves as both founder and CEO. Justin Mares, an experienced start-up founder with specialized knowledge in mobile health and 3D printing, brings his expertise to the table. Together, they've held director positions at start-ups that have achieved impressive eight-figure acquisitions.

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