Unleash Your Limitless Potential With These Frameworks [Limitless MD, Episode 131]

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Multimillionaires organize their lives and businesses around specific frameworks. This is some knowledge that the 1% has, and they have been hiding it from you. But I have acquired this information through coaching, mentorships, masterminds, and by reading more than 250 books to improve myself. 

I made a presentation with this data a while ago and shared it with clients who paid thousands to access it. 

In today’s episode, I share it all with you. For free. This is me living my purpose and helping you find your own. 

Knowing (and implementing) these frameworks has changed my life. I know they will definitely change yours too. 

These are some of the topics I cover during the episode:   

  • The five different types of freedom
  • The eleven laws of success
  • Advice from people who started 7-8 figure companies
  • Thoughts on parenting and relationships

I hope today’s episode blows your mind and makes you learn something new. Elevate to your next level. You’re ready. 


“You just bust through, you persevere, you focus. And you break through. You get mentorship, you get ideas, advice, and then BOOM. You get to that point where you overcome your challenges, and you explode your company, your growth, your income, your revenue.” – Dr. Vikram Raya

In This Episode:
00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

01:01 The real meaning of freedom    

01:54 Summary of my background 

02:54 Balance between hustle and flow     

03:44 Steps in the entrepreneur’s journey 

04:27 The eight levels of freedom

06:06 The five different types of freedom

07:16 Description of the success ladder 

08:50 Evolve and diversify your income 

12:42 The eleven laws of success

19:49 Implement identity shifts for you and your business

24:13 The game starts at a billion 

25:16 Advice from people who started 7-8 figure companies

32:20 Develop your elite athlete mindset 

34:34 Boost your anti-aging strategies to achieve longevity 

36:03 Thoughts on parenting and relationships

39:54 The power of minimalism

41:43 Becoming a time architect

43:25 “Hell yes” mindset

45:05 Sequential vs. simultaneous goal achievement

47:32 Mistakes you have to avoid to protect your wealth 

55:28 Growing your wealth exponentially

59:32 Establishing your legacy and impact

01:03:14 Document your life to help other people

01:05:00 Never peak

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