Unstoppable Mindset with Navy Seal Alden Mills [Limitless MD, Episode 151]


You’re on a mission to achieve big things – and that’s impressive. But sometimes, those big goals can seem overwhelming. 

The pressure to succeed can lead to doubts and negative scenarios that play in an endless loop in your mind.

However, you don’t have to let the enormity of your goals cloud the importance of the present. 

You can only take action right here, right now. It’s like focusing on a single step of the journey rather than getting lost in the whole expedition ahead.

Or, as Alden Mills says, don’t confuse the mountain with the moment. 

With a background encompassing everything from being a three-time Navy SEAL platoon commander to a nationally recognized rower, Alden Mills has distilled his experiences into an extraordinary journey of empowerment.

As the founder of multiple businesses, bestselling author of “Be Unstoppable” and “Unstoppable Teams,” and a sought-after keynote speaker, Alden’s mission revolves around a simple yet profound concept: Helping 100 million people discover their unstoppable potential.

These are some of the topics we discuss during the episode: 

  • Accepting failure as inevitable
  • Weaknesses present in organizations and leaders
  • How to improve your mindset

Alden Mills is more than a guest. He’s a catalyst for transformation. So if you’re ready to elevate your mindset, conquer your goals, and embrace the unstoppable force within, this episode is your guide.

“When you go out and try something new for the first time, you’re not always gonna hit the cover off the ball. Actually, you’re probably gonna whiff in the beginning. And that, to me, it’s the whole part of the journey that we’re all on. ”

– Alden Mills

In This Episode:

01:08 Who’s Alden Mills?    

02:23 Dealing with the expectations of success as a Navy SEAL   

05:49 Accepting failure as inevitable     

13:30 Weaknesses present in organizations and leaders 

18:20 How to improve your mindset      

22:54 What’s the impact Alden wants to have in this world?


Resources Mentioned:

Check out Alden’s book’s on Amazon

  • Be Unstoppable https://a.co/d/9Gzlx1i
  • Unstoppable Teams https://a.co/d/5wrXoOn