Venezuelan Ventures: AI, Real Estate, and Harnessing Your Superpower with Vanessa Alfaro [Limitless MD, Episode 154]


Do you know your superpower? What skill do you possess that feels like pure play while others consider it work? The hidden talent that, once harnessed, leads to incredible rewards?

In today’s episode, we dive deep into discovering your unique abilities with the inspiring Vanessa Alfaro, founder of Venus Capital Partners and Luna X. 

Originally from Venezuela, Vanessa is a true entrepreneur, having founded five 7-figure companies across three countries. She’s a real estate mogul, passionate about multifamily investments, and a believer in the power of mindset and artificial intelligence.

Vanessa brings invaluable insights, including why now is the perfect time to enter the real estate market, with opportunities abound and 2024 shaping up to be an exceptional year for multifamily investments. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to gather insights that will reshape your approach to real estate investing and reveal your path to a bright future.

“When you’re gonna do a big deal or a small deal, or you’re going to use other people’s money, you need to find a mentor, someone that has done this many times before. […] You don’t play with this. This is not a game.” – Vanessa Alfaro

In This Episode:

01:06 Who’s Vanessa Alfaro?     

02:59 Barriers experienced in real estate 

05:27 Tactics for closing a big deal in real estate

09:17 2024 will be a great year for multifamily units

11:39 How to manage many businesses successfully 

16:03 Finding the right employees for your companies 

19:14 Differences between Venezuela and the United States 

20:44 AI technologies that improve efficiency 

23:04 An AI tool that will revolutionize the medical industry

26:18 How can Vanessa help you implement AI in your company?


Resources Mentioned:

Book “Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork” by Dan Sullivan and Benjamin Hardy