The 3 Strategies To Turn a Practice Operator Into a Business Owner [Limitless MD, Episode 20]


We all want freedom and all the things that come with it: money, time, and success. What we don’t want is to sacrifice the things that make us happy in exchange for the freedom we crave. What if there is a way for us to balance both and get the best of both worlds? 

In this new episode, James Neilson-Watt joins the show to talk about the method he uses to teach practice operators how they can pursue their passion of impacting people through their practice while enjoying the perks of time freedom and financial freedom. 

“Ultimately, you decide how you want to serve your clients but the fundamentals of running a successful practice are the same.”

– James Neilson-Watts




In This Episode:


0:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

01:09 Realize the biggest thing that’s keeping practice operators from becoming business owners

02:55 James reveals what practitioners really want that is causing a conflict between their “morals” and their desire to generate profit

03:14 Discover the method of achieving a balance between ethical practice and running the business part of a practice

03:20 Check out the 3 major factors that are broken in the system of practice operators and how to patch up all these broken pieces

04:13 Master the skill of patient-financed acquisition to fix the problem of inconsistent client acquisition that’s not getting you anywhere

05:52 Learn how to run your practice like a business

08:05 “Everything is a sales process.” Realize how this belief can be beneficial to the clients you are serving

10:11 Discover the reality behind every excuse you are making and the unique mechanism of solving a problem

12:04 Peel off the layers that will help you realize why creating a sales process is extremely necessary

13:25 Hear the strategies that can help turn a doctor from an operator to a business owner 

14:31 Systemize-Delegate-Eliminate: find out how to master these skills here…

16:32 Understand what it means to solve problems instead of chasing ideas

19:02 I made a recap of the key strategies of thinking like an owner versus an operator

20:25 Find out how to reach James

21:41 Outro



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