Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street

The A Method for Hiring

“Who” (2008) serves as an essential manual for every business leader grappling with the perennial challenge of staffing: how to recruit competent personnel. Packed with practical insights, these blinks offer actionable strategies to ensure a consistent influx of skilled candidates and align every hire with your organization’s objectives.

About The Author:

Geoff Smart is the driving force behind ghSMART, a consulting firm dedicated to empowering business leaders to enhance their effectiveness and realize their ambitions. His previous work, "Leadocracy," also achieved New York Times bestseller status, further cementing his reputation as a trusted advisor in the realm of leadership and talent management.

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3 months ago

The breadth of knowledge compiled on this website is astounding. Every article is a well-crafted masterpiece brimming with insights. I’m grateful to have discovered such a rich educational resource. You’ve gained a lifelong fan!