Who Not How by Dan Sullivan with Benjamin Hardy

The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork

“Who Not How” (2020) introduces a revolutionary approach to entrepreneurship, goal-setting, and collaboration. Crafted by business coach Dan Sullivan, this mindset emphasizes the power of delegation in achieving success. By enlisting the help of others to pursue your objectives, you not only gain precious time but also elevate your earnings and forge enduring professional connections.

About The Author:

Dan Sullivan is a seasoned entrepreneurial coach, consultant, and strategic planner renowned for his work with The Strategic Coach Inc. Through his guidance, entrepreneurs worldwide have achieved remarkable personal and professional milestones. Sullivan is also a prolific author, co-authoring impactful works like "Who Do You Want To Be A Hero To?" and "The Gap and the Gain." Dr. Benjamin Hardy, an esteemed organizational psychologist, brings invaluable expertise to this collaboration. His widely read blogs have reached millions and earned acclaim in prestigious publications such as the New York Times and Harvard Business Review. Hardy's co-authorship of "The Gap and the Gain" with Dan Sullivan, along with his solo works like "Willpower Doesn't Work" and "Personality Isn't Permanent," underscores his commitment to empowering individuals and organizations alike.

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