Why Doctors Don't Get Rich, Featuring Dr. Tom Burns [Limitless MD, Episode 95]


The secret to being rich is not too difficult to decipher. And I will share it with you in this episode with Dr. Tom Burns. Tom is an orthopedic surgeon and the owner of Presario Ventures, a real estate company focused on developing apartments in Texas. He’s also the author of Why Doctors Don’t Get Rich: How YOU Can Create Freedom with Passive Income Investing, a book that changed my life and will definitely change yours. 

In the course of this episode, we specifically talk to you about the following: 

  • Combining medicine with investing 
  • How to get educated in business practices as a physician 
  • Definition of assets and liabilities 
  • Secrets to being rich and achieving freedom 
  • Importance of joining different masterminds 

In Tom’s words, combining a medical practice with the creation of passive income is like combining salt and pepper. This episode will help you get started. 

I did it the slow way. And I think you can do it faster than me with all the resources available. It’s just one foot in front of the other every day. It’s consistency, discipline, persistence. It just works. You don’t think that the compound effect is real, but it is.” – Dr. Tom Burns

In This Episode:
00:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast

01:24 Changes in the work environment for physicians  

03:44 Why did Tom decide to do something else besides being a physician?    

06:17 Getting educated to start a journey in business   

08:04 Definition of assets    

08:44 Definition of liabilities 

09:27 The secret to being rich    

10:13 Other asset classes that you can acquire besides real estate  

12:10 There’s infinite ways to make money   

13:38 Concept of a mastermind and why it is important to invest in joining them 

16:37 How to achieve geographic freedom  

17:51 Reasons why doctors don’t get rich

20:58 How to work with Tom

Resources Mentioned:
– Presario Ventures – https://presarioventures.com/ 

– Book “Why Doctors Don’t Get Rich: How YOU Can Create Freedom with Passive Income Investing” by Tom Burns MD – https://www.amazon.com/Why-Doctors-Dont-Get-Rich/dp/0578744821 

– Book “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Clason – https://www.amazon.com/Richest-Man-Babylon-George-Clason/dp/1505339111 

– Tom Burns Mastermind – https://rich.life/ 

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