How to Bulletproof your Team from Low Performers [Limitless MD, Episode 19]


Have you ever wondered what the difference is between high and low performers? When it comes to hiring, how can you ensure that you build a team of high performers? The key lies in observing your strengths and hiring your weaknesses and there are tools out there to help you do this. In this episode, Anne Laguzza and I discuss the difference between high and low performers and how to find a team that can help you excel in your business.

Anne Laguzza is the CEO of The Works Consulting, she is an executive leader and knows all about human resources, leadership, organizational development, behavior, and how to understand the mindset of employees and build teams. She joins me this week to talk about all things leadership, how to use the DISC score as a secret weapon to understand your personality and hire a high-performing team, and some of the leadership tools she teaches executives all over the country. She shares her tips and advice for anybody looking to hire right now and some ways you can value your team. If you are looking to excel as a leader or pivot out of medicine, you don’t want to miss this episode.

“When leaders are strong and know what they doing and can build awesome teams, all the other stuff falls into place.”

– Anne Laguzza




In This Episode:

Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast, I’m introducing this week’s guest

02:09 Hear how Anne got into this field in the first place

03:40 We discuss the reason leadership is a critical skill set that is lacking in so many people

05:03 Wondering how to uplevel yourself as a leader? Here’s how…

07:08 There is a problem that many people across the country are facing right now. Here’s what it is…

08:13 In all the years Anne has been doing this work, this is the most difficult recruiting market. Here’s the reason…

10:10 We share some tips to help you keep new starters interested in working with you

13:36 Hear what I’m doing in my business to make new starters feel special

14:44 This is how to tell the difference between high and low performers…

16:48 There is a reason that low performers stay in businesses as long as they do, here’s what it is…

17:12 Anne shares how to distinguish high performers in your business and how quickly someone can be identified as a high or low performer

21:55 Hear Anne’s thoughts about the DISC profile, what it is and how to use it to find business partners or employees

23:46 Anne unpacks the four different personality styles of the DISC score and how to observe these qualities in other people

27:47 If you haven’t done the DISC score, you should, this is how it will help you…

29:52 Hear the books Anne has given as gifts and why…

31:49 Anne shares something that she thinks everybody should start shifting in their hiring…

33:24 I share the 4 As of hiring

33:36 Want to find out more about Anne? Here’s how you can connect with her…

34:58 Podcast outro



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