How to Build an Audience, Grow Your Authority, and Increase Your Influence with Josh Elledge [Limitless MD, Episode 14]


Have you ever wanted to launch a podcast but don’t know where to start? Are you wondering how you can create content and become an influencer in your field? Building an audience and a presence online can feel difficult and overwhelming, but once you know where to start, you have the power to really get your message out there and influence people. This week’s guest joins me to share his tips and advice for anyone looking to build authority and a presence online.

Josh Elledge is a US Navy Veteran, podcast master, and entrepreneur who founded Up My Influence to help people build audiences and grow their authority and influence online. He has built multiple 7-figure companies with zero paid advertising and he joins me this week to teach you the number 1 thing that holds doctors back from starting a podcast, share why you need to do the opposite of what marketers do if you want to build a connection with your audience, and what you can do to go from zero to influencer in 30 days. If you are wondering where to start in becoming an influencer, you are going to learn a ton today.

“Your clients are numb from being marketed to. They have never been more on guard from being sold at, so you’re going to need to do the opposite of what marketers do.”

– Josh Elledge 




In This Episode:


0:00 Welcome back to another episode of the Limitless MD podcast, and I introduce my guest this week

02:08 Hear how Josh knew podcasting was the next big thing

04:54 Josh shares his recommendation for anybody listening to this podcast

6:52 What Josh just shared is the most amount of gold someone has dropped in the first 5 minutes of a podcast episode…

08:18 Discover the reason why more doctors aren’t reclaiming their authority and putting themselves out there

08:39 Find out the number one problem Josh sees when it comes to communication and content

09:13 You can’t overinvest in user-generated content, here’s why…

10:43 Your clients are numb from being marketed to, but there’s a way to capture their attention. Here’s what it is…

11:28 Josh shares what he believes is the best type of human contact, and what is a close second

12:06 Wondering what to do to record content? Josh shares his best advice

13:10 Learn some realistic strategies to help you if you want to start a podcast

14:12 Building an audience is a slog, but here’s how you can get value from it in the meantime…

15:54 Hear what Josh would do if he were to build a connection and authority

18:00 If you’re a docpreneur, Josh has just laid down the framework of getting partners in the community

19:00 Hear some of the top resources Josh recommends in this realm of media influence and podcasting

20:26 There’s another area Josh doesn’t think you can overinvest in. Here’s what it is…

21:30 Find out the impact Josh wants to have on the world

23:59 If you want to learn more about Josh, here’s how…

26:17 Podcast Outro





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